Nutrition Software

Nutritional Information Management Systems

Food66 is the software developer for nutrient database applications.

We Analyse, design, develop and deploy complex Nutrient database systems for food data compilers and end users. Food66 has more than 20 years of experience in this particular field


Nubel Foodplanner

Healthy food and healthy physical exercise always go hand in hand. With the Nubel Nutrition Planner you can perfectly calculate the balance between the digested calories (what you ate) and the burnt calories (amongst others physical exercise).

The Nubel Nutrition Planner gives you a helping hand when:

  • you wish to have a balanced and varied diet
  • you need help with the composition and processing of a slimming diet, low-salt or high-fibre diet
  • you wish to adapt your diet to sports efforts.

Made by Food66.


For more information, please contact Marlies Verschueren at marlies[at] or +32 (0)497 08 53 38

Food66 is located in Belgium